Services for Employers

EmployALL can find you quality applicants for your business needs

  • Meets Staffing and Business Needs:
    Matching employers with suitable jobseekers with a disability.
  • Provides Training on Workplace Accommodations:
    Training on the use of assistive devices, adaptive technologies and other workplace accommodations.
  • Creates a More Inclusive Workplace:
    Training on best practices for work with employees with disabilities.
  • On-the-Job Support with Clients:
    Support with addressing on-the-job employment issues through job coaching and retention services.
Services for Employers
  • Receive free job matching services
  • Pre-screened, work ready, motivated candidates
  • Increase diversity in the workplace by accessing untapped workforce
  • Employer training incentives
  • Long term retention support
Why Choose EmployALL

Attentive to your business needs

  • Customized meetings where we focus on finding the candidate that offers the right fit for your company
  • No pressure contact , no obligation
  • A service that you can count on
  • Proven track record of satisfied employers
  • Professional and timely service
  • Ongoing support available to assist with success of new hires

Save Time

  • Find qualified applicants quickly and efficiently
  • Access to a diverse pool of pre-screened qualified candidates
  • We offer more than just a resume. We provide additional information about the candidate to make your decision easier
  • Support to ease time constraints associated with hiring
  • Always available to assist you

Financial Savings

  • Supplemental training supports available for eligible candidates
  • Follow up and supports for long term employee retention
  • Professional staff trained to handle your hiring needs
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To learn more contact:

1-866-607-1336 ext.5724
For those hard of hearing or deaf (TTY) 1-877-215-9530

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The Employment Ontario project is funded by the Government of Ontario